The Anton Methegan Studio Lab is a creative lab using abstract art as a way to achieve bio-connected design. He pushes multi-disciplinarity to its highest level : the Total Art. It delivers all kinds of design from product to digital with custom solutions for our conscientious clients. With biophilic design he engineers products with the love of nature, sort of holistic biomimicry applied to industrial design. He aims to reconnect users to their environment by creating a bio-connected living. Through his biophilic design manifesto, the Phi Project, he developed a list of 10 principles to reach symbiotic design between nature, human and technology. Since 2019 the Studio Lab is set at the Impact Hub Berlin in a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs.

Discover Anton Methegan’s 10 principles for biophilic design :

More is Less 

Design for Sustainability

Industrial design, Sustainable strategy, Eco-system integration, Bio-materials

Design for Interaction

Product design, UI/UX Design, Consumer Experience, Generative design  


Design for our Future

Mind mapping, Design fiction, Digital communication, Technology activation


Biophilia Tour

Live painting & drawing performances, Phi Project & Studio Lab keynotes